Sta-Sol® Microemulsions

Flexible Concentrates for Aqueous Cleaning

Sta-Sol® Microemulsions (ME) offer an optimum balance of performance, flexibility, and environmental and safety benefits for aqueous cleaning applications.


Our microemulsion concentrates can replace conventional solvents with a near-neutral pH water-based cleaning formulation.


Sta-Sol® Microemulsions can replace hazardous solvents in a wide range of aqueous industrial cleaning formulations.

Featured Microemulsion Applications:

Degreasing & Tar Removal

Sta-Sol® microemulsions offer an aqueous alternative to traditional solvents in hydrocarbon degreasing operations.

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Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners

Sta-Sol® microemulsions are used to formulate heavy-duty hand cleaners and pre-saturated wipes.

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Microelectronics Applications

Sta-Sol® microemulsions are used to replace hazardous solvents in microelectronics cleaning and strip applications.

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Pulp & Paper Processing

Sta-Sol® microemulsions can be used in several pulp and paper applications.

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