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DeFOREST 2013 Green Initiative

by | Aug 26, 2013 | Green & Alternative Chemistries, Suppliers, Products & Industry, Surfactants

DeFOREST Enterprises Inc. is a corporate sponsor of CleanGredients®.

In keeping with their continuing development of surfactants and specialties for a wide range of industries and applications, they have developed a line of innovative green specialties for formulators and manufacturers.

The following specialties are included in their 2013 Green Initiative:

  • DeTERIC LP & DeTERIC CP-Na-38: high foaming amphoterics, excellent detergency, wetting, & foam stability in the presence of oil & grease. DeTERIC CP-Na-38 affords similar properties to DeTERIC LP with increased alkali & electrolyte tolerance including brine stability. Both are excellent hydrotropes.
  • DeTROPE SA-45: chlorine stable, anionic hydrotrope offering very low, fast breaking foam and wetting.
  • DeSULF GOS-P-60WCG: high foaming, very low color, naturally derived, alkyl polyglucoside. Can be used as the primary surfactant in acid or alkaline systems. Good solubilizing properties & excellent caustic stability.
  • DeTERGE LF-2379: low foaming, modified alcohol ethoxylate offering detergency, wetting, & excellent removal of hydrocarbon-based soils in neutral & mildly alkaline formulations.
  • DeTERGE NAS: low to moderate foaming, anionic surfactant offering detergency, wetting, & hydrotroping properties. Stable in caustic, sodium hypochlorite, & hydrogen peroxide.
  • DeMOX CSG-30 ECO: unique amine oxide; produces clear gels of sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide.
  • DeCORE SCI-45 ECO: low foaming, amine-free corrosion inhibitor for cast iron & steel, for use > pH 7.
  • DeMULS KE-75: Emulsifier for dibasic esters, kerosene, & petroleum distillates
  • DeMULS SGE-95: Emulsifier for soy, canola, & other vegetable esters/oils


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