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Dimethyl Glutarate

Dimethyl Glutarate (DMG) is a component in dibasic ester mixtures.

Because of its strong solvency and positive environmental, health and safety characteristics, DMG is an effective ingredient in HI&I cleaning products, paints and coating formulations.

DMG is also used on its own as a low cost, safe alternative in industrial cleaning and resin removal applications.

Low Vapor Pressure Alternative

DMG is an excellent option in applications requiring a very low vapor pressure.

For instance, due its low vapor pressure, DMG qualifies for the LVP-VOC consumer products exemption and will not count towards the total VOC content calculation for certain regulated consumer products.

It features low levels of toxicity and is recognized by the EPA as a safer alternative chemical ingredient.

Typical Physical Properties

Molecular Weight160
Distillation Range, °C203-214
Density, #/gal, @25 °C9.03
Specific Gravity @ 25 °C1.082
Viscosity, cps, @ 25 °C3.66
Solubility in Water, wt %5.1
Water Solubility in DMA, wt. %-37.5
Freezing Point, °C9.4
Flash Point, °C107
Flash Point, °F224
Surface Tension, dynes/cm35.6
Vapor Pressure, @ 20 °C (Torr)0.05

Hansen Solubility Parametersa (MPa) 1/ 2

Hydrogen Bonding9.7

Kauri-Butanol Value

KB Value43.7


  • HI&I Cleaning Products
  • Cosmetics Formulations
  • Industrial Hand Cleaners
  • Inks, Paints and Coatings
  • Solvent Replacement for OEM Parts Cleaning

16 oz. Samples

5 Gallon Pails (40# net wt.)

55 Gallon Drums (485# net wt.)

275 Gallon Totes (2400# net wt.)

Bulk quantities also available upon request

Ordering & Shipping:

DME blends are available in drums, totes and bulk quantities.

They are not classified as hazardous by DOT.

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