Green Chemistry: Formulation & Product Development

Developing new formulations for meeting performance, safety and environmental compliance goals.

Formulators, manufacturers and end-users are seeking products with greener profiles and safer characteristics for a variety of reasons.

We develop and market a range of proven product alternatives for industrial applications.

Examples of our product applications include:

  • Finding replacements to existing products due to EHS regulatory constraints or company initiatives
  • Sourcing and developing alternative solvents for formulations and manufacturing needs with low VOC content or exempted status under current VOC rules and regulations
  • Finding and developing surfactant systems with green features or listed on CleanGredients
  • Sourcing products with safer storage and handling properties
  • Assisting formulators with finding replacements for products or components targeted for phase-out due to environmental fate and toxicity concerns.

Learn more about some of  the Surfactants, Solvents, and Builders we offer through our suppliers, or contact us for more information on working with greener technologies.

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