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Supplier Focus: Air Products

by | Mar 6, 2012

Air Products supplies a full line of Tomadol® ethoxylates, Tomamine® ether amines and Nonidet® nonionic surfactants to the industrial & institutional (I & I) cleaning, car wash and mining industries.

Their line, based on unique surfactant technology, includes a range of products to meet the most demanding applications, environmental regulations, and those requiring a balance of cost and performance.

Air Products has 40 years of experience in helping formulators create products that are better than the
competition – and better for the environment.

The Tomadol® ethoxylates are suitable for a wide variety of applications, provide high performance in most detergent formulations, are mild to the skin, and are easy to color and perfume.

Their Tomamine® surfactants include ether amines and ether amine derivatives exhibiting a broad range of functionality and performance benefits. Their Nonidet® products are nonionic surfactants that incorporate both ethylene oxide and propylene oxide to provide a balance of low foam and good detergency.

Across all product lines, Air Products has a strong focus on developing environmentally friendly cleaning solutions while improving performance at the same time.

For example, all of their Tomadol® ethoxylates as well as their Tomamine® Amphoteric 12 and Amphoteric 16 meet EPA’s Design for the Environment (DfE), while offering excellent performance properties cost effectively. Click here to see the entire list of DfE screened products or here to see their “Clean with Green Surfactant” brochure.

Additional tools that can assist you in your formulating include:

Tomadol® / Nonidet® Technical Data Sheet

Tomadol® Product Guide

Tomamine® Product Guide

I&I Formulary

Visit the Air Products Website for more information.

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