Tomadol® Surfactants from Air Products

Tomadol® alcohol ethoxylates (formerly Neodol) are versatile ethoxylated alcohol surfactants used in a broad range of cleaning formulations. Several of the products are excellent NPE alternatives.

J R Hess & Co. is an authorized distributor of all Tomadol® products.

We also work with manufacturers and formulators to develop proprietary surfactant blends based on Tomadol® chemistry and designed for your specific need or application. This enables us to offer a customized intermediate surfactant package to make formulating more efficient and effective.

Naturally Derived surfactants and NPE alternatives

Tomadol® L series surfactants are based on naturally-derived alcohols. Each name is derived from the HLB value of a surfactant multiplied by 10 (i.e. Tomadol L130 has an HLB value of 13).

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Tomadol 400, 600, 900 and 1200 surfactants are designed as high performance, environmentally preferable replacements for alkyl phenol ethoxylates (APEs).

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CleanGredients® listed

We supply the following Tomadol surfactants which are currently listed by Air Products on CleanGredients and pre-screened against the EPA’s Design for Environment (DfE) functional class criteria:

Tomadol 400
Tomadol 600
Tomadol 900
Tomadol 901
Tomadol 1200
Tomadol L80
Tomadol L124
Tomadol L130
Tomadol L 144
Tomadol 91-6
Tomadol 91-2.5
Tomadol 91-8 (direct release qualified)
Tomadol 1-3
Tomadol 1-5
Tomadol 1-7
Tomadol 1-73B
Tomadol 1-9
Tomadol 25-3
Tomadol 25-7
Tomadol 25-12


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