Tomadol L-Series Ethoxylated Alcohols

Tomadol L-Series Ethoxylated Alcohols

The Tomadol L-Series ethoxylated alcohol surfactant line is based on naturally-derived hydrophobes and suitable for a wide range of surfactant applications, including household cleaners, industrial and institutional cleaners and industrial process and formulation aids.

Tomadol L-Series surfactants are 90 – 100% active and range from liquids to low melting point solids. These moderate foamers are excellent wetting agents, emulsifiers and detergents.

Tomadol L-Series Suggested Uses*

Tomadol L80 – Useful as low HLB component in cleaning formulations and as an intermediate to make ethoxysulfates

Tomadol L124 – High performance surfactant base for degreasers, hard surface cleaners and laundry applications

Tomadol L130 – Useful in cleaninf formulations where a high cloud point is needed

Tomadol L144 – Useful in emulsification and laundry applications.

* Suggestions provided by Air Products

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