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Dibasic Esters: FAQ

A quick guide to important information about dimethyl esters and our Sta-Sol® solvents, including product origins, properties, usage and disposal.

How Hydrotropes Enhance Stability and Clarity

Hydroptropes are used by formulators to create clear and stable solutions. They can also enhance the solution’s overall cleaning effectiveness.

This post reviews how and why hydrotropes are used in industrial cleaning.

Surface Chemistry: Surfactant Wetting Properties

This post introduces basic concepts in wetting properties of surfactants, with a focus on anionic and cationic surfactants.

Surfactants can modify surface properties for challenging applications, making surfaces waterproof; easier to clean, paint, or process; or increase “wetting” when in contact with water.

Basics of the HLB System

The HLB system provides a framework for predicting how surfactants will behave in emulsion systems.

This article provides a basic overview of the HLB system and how it can be used to optimize formulations with nonionic surfactants.