Microelectronics Applications

Sta-Sol® Microemulsions (ME) offer an optimum balance of performance, flexibility, and environmental and safety benefits for aqueous cleaning applications.

Our microemulsion concentrates can replace conventional solvents with a near-neutral pH water-based cleaning formulation.

Sta-Sol® microemulsions are used to replace hazardous solvents in microelectronics cleaning and strip applications.

Sta-Sol® ME products may be used as an alternative to more hazardous solvents, such as acetone or NMP, in aqueous electronic cleaning and stripping applications.

For example, Sta-Sol ME 1100C may replace acetone in positive photoresist strip processes. 1100C offers an effective, low VOC, low flash point and water soluble alternative to acetone for removing photoresist in an immersion cleaning process.
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Key Benefits:

  • Reduced Evaporative Loss / Low VOC
  • Safer, Non-Flammable Alternatives
  • Water Soluble, Water Rinsable