Sta-Sol® Microemulsion Concentrates

Sta-Sol® Microemulsions (ME) offer an optimum balance of performance, flexibility, and environmental and safety benefits for aqueous cleaning applications.

Our microemulsion concentrates can replace conventional solvents with a near-neutral pH water-based cleaning formulation.

Flexible Concentrates for Aqueous Cleaning

Introducing a new line of semi-formulated solvent alternatives for water based cleaning applications.

Sta-Sol® Microemulsion concentrates (ME) offer a balance of performance, flexibility, cost and environmental, health and safety benefits for formulators and end-users.

These products combine carefully selected EHS preferable solvents with emulsifiers to reduce total solvent usage and replace conventional solvents in demanding cleaning, degreasing and resin removal application areas.

Desirable Regulatory and EHS Attributes

The ingredients in our Microemulsions were each chosen for their effectiveness as well as their overall environmental, health and safety profiles.

We know that performance matters most in cleaning applications. But safety concerns, and the burdens of a strict and complex compliance environment, are of increasing importance.

All of the ingredients in our Microemulsions are:

  • Biodegradable
  • Not Considered VOCs
  • Non Flammable
  • Non HAP / Non ODS
  • APE Free
  • Non-Caustic, Non-Chlorinated, Non-Brominated

Formulating Flexibility

Sta-Sol ME products are designed to offer maximum flexibility for formulators. For example, they can be used as a fully formulated product, ready for use as-is or with water dilution. They can also be used as an intermediate ingredient in a more advanced cleaning formulation.

Advantages for formulators include:

  • Compatible with many common solvents, additives, plastics and elastomers
  • Dilutes easily with no special equipment
  • Works well with both hard and soft water
  • Clear and thermodynamically stable
  • Mild odor
  • Multipurpose applications

High Performance

Sta-Sol ME products are highly effective in a wide range of industrial cleaning applications. Learn more about specific application examples.

Benefits for formulators and industrial end-users include:

  • Efficient at near neutral pH
  • Strong solvency power maintained at high dilution
  • Easily rinsed with water


Microemulsions are delivered in a concentrated blend of solvents and emulsifiers. This means they can be diluted with water and often retain or improve performance while reducing the amount of active solvent.

For example, recent testing demonstrates that our ME products are more effective at levels of less than 2% in a water based solution in certain paint flush systems.

The overall savings can be significant. The dilution ratio depends on the application, but in general a Microemulsion will allow formulators to develop cost-effective products by using a powerful and dilutable concentrate:

  • Dilute with water or other low-cost diluent
  • Reduced freight and storage costs with 95% active concentrate
  • Slow evaporation rate

Example Applications

Our Microemulsion Concentrates are used a wide range of cleaning formulations and end-use cleaning, degreasing and resin removal applications.

Specific examples include: