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Asphalt Cleaning & Removal

Fighting Tar & Residue with Bio-Based Solutions:

Removing asphalt and tar residue from heavy duty paving equipment and haul vehicles is a challenge.

Applicators must be sure to constantly clean and remove residue and deposits in order to maintain and preserve expensive equipment.

For many companies, the most effective solution has been to use diesel fuel as a solvent to extract the material. This poses several environmental and safety issues.

As a result, major asphalt applicators have made the switch to environmentally preferable alternatives with comparable levels of solvency and cleaning power.

Over the course of the last few years, we have been approached by national asphalt suppliers and applicators to find an alternative that meets demanding environmental and performance criteria for asphalt and tar removal from their trucks and equipment.

Our solution: work with our custom blending partner, S T Laboratories Inc, to combine specialty surfactants as emulsifiers with bio-based solvents, including soy methyl esters, in a versatile heavy duty cleaning compound.

The result is Sta-Mulse® HDC, a readily biodegradable solvent blend designed for demanding applications, such as asphalt removal.

This blend has become a cost-effective solution for keeping trucks and equipment clean, while maintaining compliance with applicable environmental regulations. Instead of diesel fuel, the HDC blend incorporates soy methyl esters (aka biodiesel) and citrus based solvents to match the solvency of its predecessors.

What makes this blend so special is not only its effectiveness, but also the versatility from both an application and customization standpoint. It can be used in a variety of heavy duty cleaning scenarios, but also custom tailored for specific application requirements (i.e. thickened to cling to surfaces for extended absorption).

Feel free to get in touch with us to find out more about Sta-Mulse HDC or tell us about your project and we’ll see if we can find a customized solution.

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