Low Emission Amine Catalysts for Polyurethane Applications

Amine catalysts are used in wide range of polyurethane processing applications to produce polyether and polyester foams, coatings, elastomers, and high-modulus urethane plastics.

In light of growing concerns over amine emissions and worker exposure when processing with amines, as well as controlling volatile organic compound (VOC) levels in finished urethane products, chemical producers have continued to develop low emission, non-fugitive catalyst technologies.

Huntsman is a leader in low emission, reactive catalyst technology

Huntsman has a long history in developing and producing advanced amine catalyst compositions to meet the growing demand for lower emissions in urethane applications.

Huntsman’s JEFFCAT® high performing, low emission amine catalyst technology is used to produce flexible and rigid foams, microcellullars, packaging foam, coatings and adhesives for automotive, construction, consumer product and furniture applications.

JEFFCAT® Low Emission / Reactive Amine Catalysts

The JEFFCAT® low emission amine catalyst line from Hunstman includes the following products:

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J R Hess Co. partners with Huntsman Performance Products to deliver JEFFCAT® amine catalysts, and other specialty chemical additives, surfactants and solvent solutions from Huntsman, to companies throughout the Northeastern US.

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