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Delivering specialty chemical solutions since 1969
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Specialty Chemical Distribution

Serving a wide range of industries by stocking, marketing and delivering specialty chemicals from major chemical producers.

Custom Blending

We add value and expand product offerings through chemical blending, packaging, custom processing and development services.

Product Sourcing Expertise

An experienced and dedicated sourcing partner for your most challenging specialty chemical procurement needs.

Formulations & Product Development

We design and develop new formulations for meeting performance, safety and environmental compliance goals.

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Committed to Responsible Distribution

J R Hess & Company, Inc. specializes in delivering specialty chemical raw materials and customized solutions to formulators and manufacturers across several industries. We are committed to responsible distribution practices and a proud member of the National Association of Chemical Distributors (NACD).
Specialty Chemical Product & Industry Updates

Dimethyl Esters: Elastomers and Plastics Compatibility

Elastomer and plastics compatibility is an important consideration when looking at storage and handling options for DMEs. Many dimethyl ester (DME) end users have requested more information about elastomer and plastics compatibility. This typically concerns our... read more
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Specialty Chemical Updates: Carbopol® | TPM Solvent

New Product Pages Added: Carbopol® Polymers and Custom Solutions Carbopol® crosslinked acrylic acid polymers are used to add functionality in many applications, including flow charactistics, viscosity, and suspenion. Working with these products enables us to customize... read more

Creating Gels: Thickening and Rheology Modifiers

The uses for thickening agents are wide ranging. As one example, cross linked polymer based gels enables full customization for customers seeking in gel appearance (including color), flow, viscosity and suspension for medical, sporting, packaging, and cleaning applications.

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Emulsifier to Remove Solvent Residue

One of the advantages of using greener solvents is that they can offer a low VOC alternative to meet company safety and compliance goals. This also means that the product will usually have a slower evaporation rate, which can result in a fine film or protective... read more

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