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General Purpose Polymer Cleaning & Flushing

by | Jun 14, 2016

Sta-Sol® PS-100

The Sta-Sol® Poly Series (PS) are cost-effective solvent blends for cleaning polymer based resins used in several manufacturing processes.

Sta-Sol® PS-100 is a versatile, cost-effective and efficient solvent blend designed to clean and flush a wide range of polymeric resins.

This product is ideal for general purpose cleaning and removal of uncured urethanes, epoxies, SLA resins, acrylics and more.

Performance and Safety Attributes

Sta-Sol PS-100 was developed to provide a highly efficient solvent blend for manufacturers who need to clean uncured polymer resins, including epoxies, urethanes and acrylic resins, on a regular basis.

This product will also clean SLA resins used in 3D printing operations.

The specific performance attributes of this product include lower surface tension, broad compatibility with other solvents and additives and effective solvency for a wide range of polymeric resins based on Hansen Solubility characteristics.

Sta-Sol PS-100 may also be a safer alternative to other solvents used to clean and flush polymers, such as acetone, NMP, MEK, xylene, methylene chloride and more.
PS-100 has a low odor and high boiling point. With a slow rate of evaporation and higher flash point than many conventional solvents, this product provides a non-flammable and less volatile alternative for workplace safety.

The components of PS-100 also pose minimal toxicity and regulatory concerns compared to many solvents used in industrial cleaning operations.

Typical Properties of Sta-Sol® PS-100:

Appearance, OdorClear Liquid, Mild
Boiling Point, °F>370
Flash Point, °F (Pensky Martin cc)>175
Surface Tension @ 20 °C (dynes/cm)29.154
Viscosity , cP5.371
Specific Gravity @ 25 °C0.95

Hansen Solubility Parameters:

Hydrogen Bonding11.033
Total Hansen19.798

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