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Emulsifier to Remove Solvent Residue

One of the advantages of using greener solvents is that they can offer a low VOC alternative to meet company safety and compliance goals.

This also means that the product will usually have a slower evaporation rate, which can result in a fine film or protective residue clinging to a substrate’s surface.

While this is an advantage in certain coatings applications or situations where sustained lubricity is required, other manufacturing processes may call for a cleaner surface. This is particularly common with die applicators and metal parts cleaning applications.

Slowly evaporating alternative solvents like dimethyl esters or soy methyl esters are also not water soluble, so a water rinse alone will not be an effective solution.

Sta-Mulse® DG 55* is an emulsifier designed to remove solvent residue left from slowly evaporating solvents such as dimethyl esters and soy or biobased methyl esters.

Parts can be washed or soaked in the surfactant solution, and then rinsed off for a clean, solvent-free surface. DG-55 is readily biodegradable and features a low toxicity profile. This product can be provided in a concentrated pre-mix solution.

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* This product is also available with extra corrosion inhibition when needed (Sta-Mulse® DG 55-C)