Pharmaceutical Intermediates

Pharma Applications: Intermediates and Building Blocks

J R Hess is now sourcing a unique range of specialty ingredients for pharma applications. If you would like more information about the ingredients listed below, please let us know.

Sodium Borohydride (NaBH4)
CAS: 16940-66-2

• Chemical & Pharma synthesis.
• Paper manufacturing as a bleaching agent to generate brighter paper products.
• Treatment of Fatty Acids such as Coconut Oils.

Available in 50kg drums containing either 10x5kg PE bags or 5x10kg PE bags

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Sodium Hydride (NaH)

CAS: 7646-69-7
Application: Strong base in Pharma synthesis.
Offered in THF soluble or Pharma Grade White Oil bags

Trimethyl Borate (C3HB03)

CAS: 121-43-7
Applications: Strong anti-oxidant.
Precursor in organic synthesis to boronic acids.

Potassium Borohydride (KBH4)

CAS: 13762-51-1
Applications include Pharmaceutical synthesis and the treatment of hops.