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Supplier Focus: Stepan

As a specialty chemical distributor of Stepan products for over 30 years, we are excited to promote their versatile surfactant offerings and add to our growing list of safer and more compliant alternatives for the consumer and industrial sectors.

Two relatively new Stepan products of note – and with greener attributes and Cleangredients approval – are Bio-Soft® GSB-9 and Stepan Mild® L3.

Bio-Soft® GSB-9 is described as “a proprietary nonionic surfactant blend with comparable cleaning performance to NP-9, is 100% active and provides moderate stable foam.”

Stepan just recently announced that Bio-Soft® GSB-9 is Cleangredients listed, giving formulators a pre-screened option for finding alternatives due to environmental, health, and safety concerns.  This product has wide application potential in industrial cleaners and degreasers.

Learn more on Stepan’s website . . .

Stepan Mild® L3 is a biodegradable and renewable secondary surfactant for use in a wide range of personal care formulations, including body washes, shampoos, facial cleansers, creams/lotions, and cosmetics.

Stepan Mild® L3 “functions as a viscosity builder, foam booster/stabilizer, emulsifier, emollient, solubilizer for active ingredients such as salicylic acid and triclosan, and provides skin softness and moisturization.” Learn more about this naturally derived surfactant from Stepan . . .

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