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A Quick Guide to Dibasic Esters

We receive a lot of questions from customers using or evaluating dibasic esters (dimethyl esters) for their cleaning or formulating applications.

In order to provide a quick reference for the most common questions, we recently added a Frequently Asked Questions page about DMEs.

The new FAQ page offers a quick guide to important information about dimethyl esters and our Sta-Sol® solvents, including product origins, properties, usage and disposal.

Topics covered in our FAQ guide include:

  • Are dibasic esters flammable?
  • How are dimethyl esters produced?
  • Do dibasic esters qualify for the LVP-VOC exemption?
  • What are the boiling points of the esters?
  • Are these solvents water soluble?
  • Are DMEs considered ‘safer chemical ingredients’ by the EPA?
  • Are DMEs compatible with my gaskets, seals and/or packaging materials?
  • What are the Hansen Solubility Parameters (HSP) of the esters?
  • What is the Kauri Butanol (Kb) value of dibasic esters?
  • What is the shelf life of Sta-Sol® dimethyl esters?
  • Can we recycle these products for repeated use?
  • How do we dispose of dibasic esters?
  • In what quantities are DMEs packaged and sold?

To learn more, visit our DME FAQ page or download our guide here.

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