Sta-Sol® ESS: Solvent Systems & Blends

Sta-Sol® ESS: Alternative Solvent Systems Based on Dimethyl Ester Chemistry

Sta-Sol® solvent systems offer unique performance, safety and compliance benefits for formulators and manufacturers and broad compatibility with other solvents and materials.

Based on dimethyl ester chemistry, these products are designed to both perform effectively and reduce current EHS concerns caused by commonly used solvents that have come under regulatory scrutiny for safety and environmental reasons.

Solvent Replacement Example Applications

We have worked with partners seeking cost-effective replacements for these solvents, such as NMP, acetone, methylene chloride, and isophorone, with specific EHS characteristics, including:

  • LVP-VOC exempt alternatives based on consumer regulations (i.e. EPA Consumer Products Regulations,  OTC, CARB)
  • Products not listed on California’s Proposition 65 as carcinogens or reproductive toxins
  • Non-flammable and non-corrosive alternatives
  • Low evaporation rates and better material recyclability
  • Low odor options based on worker complaints
  • Better toxicological & ecotoxicological profiles, including biodegradability
  • REACH compliance concerns (i.e. not included on Candidate List of Substances of Very High Concern)
  • Products not listed as reportable under SARA hazardous substance or RCRA hazardous waste categories

Featured below are specialty Sta-Sol® formulations based on different ratios of dimethyl esters:

Sta-Sol® ESS I – Efficient and Economical Dimethyl Ester Solvent Blend

Sta-Sol ESS I is widely used in industrial cleaning and coatings systems. This blend features a signature blend of the three dimethly esters: dimethyl adipate, dimethyl glutarate and dimethyl succinate.

ESS I is requested by customers due to enhanced performance and purity when compared to traditional dibasic esters (DBE). It is suitable as a co-solvent in cleaning and coating systems, or as a straight solvent replacement for NMP, Methylene Chloride, and certain glycol ethers.

This product can be an excellent, cost-effective choice for current users of dibasic esters or those looking to replace higher VOC products or other solvents tagged with regulatory restrictions and/or severe safety cautions.

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Sta-Sol® ESS II – Low VOC Solvent System for Coatings & Cleaning Products

Sta-Sol® ESS II is dimethyl ester based solvent blend optimized for performance and regulatory compliance. With a low vapor pressure (<.04mmHg @ 20°C) and high flash point (226°F), this product has been used to effectively replace harsher solvents targeted by state and federal regulations. ESS II offers a long-term solution for meeting VOC compliance obligations in the formulation of a wide range of coatings and cleaning products.

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Sta-Sol® ESS 159 – Safer Cleaning & Removal of Polyurethane and Acrylic Resins

Sta-Sol® ESS 159 is used to clean and remove a wide range of uncured polymers, resins and compounds from spray guns, die applicators, tools and equipment. It has been used in polyurethane systems to successfully remove coating residue from tools and equipment in solvent soak tanks, as a line flush, and through the use of ultrasonic cleaning mechanisms.

This product features a preferable environmental, health and safety profile when compared to other solvents typically used in these processes, providing a highly effective alternative to solvents such as N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone (NMP), MEK, acetone, and methylene chloride.

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Sta-Sol® ESS 160 – All Purpose Alternative Industrial Solvent

Sta-Sol® ESS 160 is an all-purpose dimethyl ester based solvent blend used in a myriad of industrial applications, including paint stripping, graffiti removal, coatings, and more.

With a low vapor pressure (<.05 mmHg @ 20°C) and high flash point (224 °F), this flexible “work-horse” solvent can be blended with co-solvents, emulsified into waterborne and water rinsable systems, or used on its own as an economical and environmentally preferable solvent solution.

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Sta-Sol ESS 165

Sta-Sol ESS 165, a purified grade of Dimethyl Adipate (DMA), is a unique ester within the family of dimethly esters.

This It is used as a solvent and chemical intermediate in many industrial cleaning, coating and processing applications.

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