Alternative Solvents

Maintain Performance, Improve Safety

Our alternative solvents offer enhanced performance with improved environmental, health and safety profiles.

These materials can be used as straight solvent replacements, solvent extenders or versatile co-solvents for formulators seeking improved EHS product profiles.

Dimethyl Esters (DMEs, Dibasic Esters, or DBE)

Highly effective and versatile solvent used in many coatings applications and as a component or stand alone solvent for industrial cleaning.

Depending on the type of application (i.e. NMP replacement for coatings removal or micro-emulsion for all purpose cleaners), DME blends can consist of different ratios of adipic, glutaric and succinic esters.

We currently provide DMEs in customized blends for several manufacturers and formulators.

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Tripropylene Glycol (Mono) Methyl Ether (TPM Solvent):

TPM has a low odor and slow evaporation rate. It is used in cleaning and coating applications and formulations as a solvent with low toxicity and low vapor pressure. TPM is completely water soluble and may be VOC exempt in certain circumstances.

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Ethyl Lactate:

Lactate esters are readily biodegradable and maintain high  solvency and cleaning performance characteristics. Can be used to replace solvents or as co-solvent in custom blends and formulations. Users have reported certain issues relative to odor and flammability.

Propylene Carbonate:

PC is used in coating and cleaning formulations to replace solvents such as NMP, methylene chloride, acetone, aromatic solvents, and other solvents with higher volatility and more hazardous profiles. Works well as a flexible co-solvent for customized solutions.

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Glycerine Carbonate:

Ideal for cosmetic, personal care, and medicinal applications. Also an excellent co-solvent for custom-tailored blends.

Methyl Soyate:

Beyond fuel, soy based bio-diesel can be used in cleaning, lubrication, and other industrial applications. This naturally derived material can be used to replace certain solvents and reduce VOC issues.

Methyl soyate is readily biodegradable and has excellent compatibility for blends with other more aggressive solvents or in micro-emulsions for water rinsable systems.

View an example of how biodiesel is incorporated into asphalt cleaning applications

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