Sta-Sol® Dimethyl Ester Applications

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DME Applications

Sta-Sol® dimethyl esters and customized solvent blends are used in many industrial and commercial applications.

Dimethyl esters are low cost, safe and effective solvents for dissolving a wide range of resins in manufacturing applications.

These solvents also offer an effective long-term solution for meeting VOC compliance or replacing more hazardous solvents in the formulation of coatings, cleaners and other products.

Applications: Resin Cleaning & Removal in Manufacturing Operations

Sta-Sol® ESS products are used by manufacturers, and recommended by facility safety managers, to remove resins, clean parts, and replace more hazardous solvents.

Example usage:

  • Successfully replace NMP to remove and clean acrylic resin from parts and equipment in fiber optics coating line
  • Clean epoxy adhesive from parts in OEM manufacturing business unit
  • Selected as immersion and flush Solvent for significant polyurethane foam manufacturing and fabrication operations
  • Used as safer solvent to clean excess conductive ink cleaning during electronic parts manufacturing
  • Clean fiberglass and composite resins from tools and equipment in marine, construction, and equipment manufacturing operations

Co-Solvent in Cleaning & Stripping Compounds

Sta-Sol® ESS dimethyl esters are used as co-solvents in many cleaning compounds, including: Graffiti removers, Ink Cleaners, Floor Wax Strippers, Adhesive Removers, Cosmetic Products, Concrete Cleaners, Degreasers, Water-Based Cleaners, and more.

Example Usage:

  • Reduce total NMP content and enhance solvency in graffiti removal formulation
  • Lower VOC content in HI&I cleaners and personal care products
  • Better solvency and overall safety profile as component in urethane gun flush formulation and adhesive removal
  • Flexible co-solvent in general water-based degreasers
  • Solvent chosen for DfE certified green floor cleaning formulations and safer choice designated products
  • Low vapor pressure and price stable replacement or reduction agent for D-limonene in industrial hand cleaning formulations

Paints & Coatings Applications

Dibasic esters are used in several paint and coating applications due to a combination of high solvency with slow evaporation rates, high boiling points and reduced overall environmental, health and safety concerns.

Example Usage:

  • Replace isophorone, glycol ethers, glycol ether acetates and other HAPs solvents in can and container lining formulations
  • Used in automotive OEM and refinish coating applications and resin formulations to replace regulated solvents and enhance smoothness, gloss and flow characteristics
  • Reduce NMP content in offshore maritime vessel coating formulations
  • Used as solvent in conductive ink compounds

  Several Other Application Areas

  • Soil Stabilization
  • Foundry Core Resin Binders
  • Wet Strength Paper Resins
  • Wire Enamel Coatings
  • Pharmaceutical Applications

Ordering & Shipping:

DME blends are available in drums, totes and bulk quantities.

They are not classified as hazardous by DOT.

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